Flappy Birds Review

Ok so I was watching a vlog the other day. I can’t remember exactly which one but Bryan Lanning from DailyBUMPS was talking about this game called Flappy Birds. Then yesterday when I was at work one of my coworkers asked me if I had played it because he’s stuck and can’t get past 6. I asked him if he meant level 6 and he said no I had to try the game to understand what he was talking about. So that is exactly what I did. I downloaded the app and I tried it. I am stuck at 1, and I almost made it to 2 a couple times but it’s annoyingly difficult for such a simple looking app/game. Here are some screenshots from my phone of the game. It’s a free app in the google play store, and I believe it’s also avaliable for iphone.





It looks like such a simple game but you never know when you need to tap higher or lower. If you bump the ground or anything for that matter it’s game over. This game takes a lot of patience and skill. Anyone who can make it past 1 is amazing.


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