Phones and Stuff

I have always had the worst luck with phones. I’ve dropped them in toilets, down a sewer drain, dropped it off a balcony, slammed it in a car door, lost it in a parking lot, left it at a grocery store, and so many more horrible things. I bought a new phone back in December. It was a couple weeks before Christmas and I use my service through Net10. I found my phone on their website and I went through heck and back to get it activated but I finally did. It only lasted me one month. I signed up for the auto pay your bill thing and it was supposed to take it directly out of my account and when it hadn’t I decided to call customer service. When I did they pretty much said that neither my phone nor phone number existed. Then they proceeded to try to call me back on the nonexistant number and I just didn’t answer. I had my old phone that I used before I got my new one through Net10 as well and it’s in ok condition. I decided to activate it again because I can’t be without a phone, my work has to be able to get in contact with me at anytime and I have to be able to get in contact with family and my boyfriend who is in the Navy. Long story short I have a phone again, but i have a new number; it’s the 3rd one in the last month or so. I feel sorry for anyone who calls the wrong number. Wish me luck with this phone! 


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