Feeling Sickly

So I started to feel like I was getting sick a couple of days ago so I took some cold medicine. Apparently it didn’t help because today I woke up (around 1pm) feeling so sick. I blame the weather. The other day it was around 1 degree with a wind chill of -15, and now today it was almost 40. Seriously Mother Nature, come on! Anyways it wasn’t all bad. I ate some Ramen noodles and found a new game I like on Facebook. I used to play The Sims Social but then stopped and when I went to go back and play it again it apparently is gone. This new game I found is called Suburbia. It’s like The Sims Social but slightly different. I just started so I haven’t accomplished much (I like to clean up the yard and decorate the house before I do things haha). Here’s a screenshot from the game, as for me, back to playing!




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