Vacation!! :)

Hey everyone! I’m back! If you wanna watch my video telling about my vacation you can click this link right here:

That’s not on my usual channel but you should subscribe to my usual channel

Here are some pictures from my trip!

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Happy (belated) Valentines Day!

Hey everyone! So I know I didn’t post yesterday and I really wanted to but I was sick. Woke up in the middle of the night feeling like death and I just could not deal. I spent all day in bed watching NCIS. The highlights of my day were napping, seeing they plowed our parking lot so I could eventually leave this place (we got almost 18 inches of snow here) and getting my Valentines Day presents from my baby. He sent me a beautiful arrangement of tulips and irises, a little teddy bear (I have named him Cotton), chocolates, and some bath stuff 🙂 ❤ I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day!

ImageThe flowers came in bud form so I get to watch them bloom!

Snow Day

Today was my day off and we’ve gotten (up until now) a total of about 8 inches of snow. I know for some that’s nothing, but for here where I live, that’s a lot. I decided to spend my day being productive. Doing dishes, laundry, cleaning my room, and making my plain room feel a little more like home. I used thumb tacks to post pictures all around my room. Here are some pictures from my day. Please excuse the ancient television on my desk, I’ve had it forever and I’m waiting til I move to buy a new one.  Also, I don’t live on the ground floor so the snow isn’t that deep (its like an inch deep on my balcony)Image



Bumming it today.



Flappy Birds Review

Ok so I was watching a vlog the other day. I can’t remember exactly which one but Bryan Lanning from DailyBUMPS was talking about this game called Flappy Birds. Then yesterday when I was at work one of my coworkers asked me if I had played it because he’s stuck and can’t get past 6. I asked him if he meant level 6 and he said no I had to try the game to understand what he was talking about. So that is exactly what I did. I downloaded the app and I tried it. I am stuck at 1, and I almost made it to 2 a couple times but it’s annoyingly difficult for such a simple looking app/game. Here are some screenshots from my phone of the game. It’s a free app in the google play store, and I believe it’s also avaliable for iphone.





It looks like such a simple game but you never know when you need to tap higher or lower. If you bump the ground or anything for that matter it’s game over. This game takes a lot of patience and skill. Anyone who can make it past 1 is amazing.

Nail Art

So today I’m not working, finally. At my job you can’t have your nails painted or done in any way at all. It is really tragic. Anyways, after my boyfriend’s mom got married and we went to the nail salon to get our nails done, I loved the way it looked and felt to get your nails professionally done. I decided then that I wanted to start doing nails. I haven’t gone to school yet for it but I hope to someday. I have a ton of nail polish, and I’ve bought even more polish since then, along with manicure tools and a nail polish rack. I just got some striping ribbon in the mail and have been wanting to try it out but haven’t been able to because of work. I finally got a chance today and this is what happened.


This is what my table looked like before my nails.


This is what my table looked like AFTER my doing my nails.


It is such a mess and I only did my left hand. These are the colors and tools I used.


And this was the final product!


Not too shabby if I do say so myself 😉